Branding > Laser Engraving

The process of permanently marking the surface of an item with a very high intensity light source. Laser is divided into 2 main categories: C02 laser which is cutting and marking on organic items (cork, wood, glass, plastic, leather), and YAG laser which is used for marking metals.

Formats supported for doming:
PDF | AI | CDR | Hi-Res Jpeg, Black & White
ALL to be for PC NOT MAC

Preparing of Artwork

Preparing the artwork in order for it to be used for laser engraving:

  • 1 colour vector format, or high-res black & white jpeg.


  • Limited physical size of branding on products.
  • A flat, solid surface is preferred.
  • Cannot brand fabrics and plastics.
  • Fine detail may not show, depending on the item.


  • Can brand all metal items.
  • Decent turn-around time.
  • Looks professional and classy.